Ashton Kutcher and A Cow–Oh, My!

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Ashton Kutcher visited his family in Iowa for Thanksgiving and even though swarms of women clamored to be photographed with the Two and a Half Men star and soon-to-be ex-husband of Demi Moore, he reserved his picture-taking choice for one lone subject. It was a cow.

According to, Kutcher may or may not have staged the photo. That much is unknown. But his face appeared on cell phones around the quiet midwestern town and soon found its way to Twitter and the rest of the world as well.Christopher Ashton Kutcher

Sporting his typical, recent scruffy look and signature hat–he mugged for someone’s camera or cell phone–and very strategically included in the background–seemingly posing for the shot as well–was a large brown and white cow.

Now this could cause much speculation in light of the recent events in Ashton Kutcher’s life. Maybe a big old cow is all he deserves after cheating on Demi Moore and ultimately causing the demise of their marriage?

Perhaps one could interpret the photo as even the cow doesn’t want to come any closer to Ashton Kutcher because he’s been places not even a farm animal would go?

Ashton visited a few local bars in the small Iowa town he calls home. Sources there say he was friendly, a good tipper, and constantly surrounded by both women and men.

Wouldn’t you think that at least one of those people might have been a better subject for Ashton Kutcher to have posed with, for his one and only photo of his Thanksgiving trip back home?

Check out Ashton and the cow here.

Photo Source: Facebook

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