Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis PDA in Airport–No Longer “Just Friends!”

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Ashton Kutcher may still be in the throes of a divorce from Demi Moore, but that isn’t stopping him from seeing new people–or old ones. Kutcher and Mila Kunis won’t be able to pretend they’re just friends any longer. The two jetted off to Bali earlier this week on a “romantic getaway,” and they were looking rather cuddly at the LAX airport before their departure. Kutcher’s playboy reputation must not bother Kunis, but one has to wonder–is she too good for him?

In a way, their romance is pretty cute, really, because Kutcher and Kunis played the sometimes lovable, sometimes loathable TV couple Jackie and Michael on That ’70s Show. They have known each other for 14 years, and a source says that Kutcher was Kunis’s first kiss. Both actors have been tremendously successful with other projects (especially Kunis with her recent role in Black Swan), and they have always been close, said the source. Whether or not there was any romance while they were on That ’70s Show is unknown. So it’s great that they seem happy, but Kutcher did cheat on Demi Moore, which should be a concern to any new girlfriend.

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And if you still feel sorry for Demi Moore, she has moved on as well (hey, it’s Hollywood) and his now dating actor Martin Henderson (who is much more age-appropriate for her). Hopefully Ashton Kutcher won’t screw it up this time. Maybe he and Mila Kunis are truly serious about each other. At least for now.

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