Ashton Kutcher Angers ‘Two and a Half Men’ Amidst Divorce Rumors

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are in the midst of divorce rumors and a cheating scandal. However, that is not the only problem the Two and a Half Men actor is facing. He made his bosses angry on the set.

Ashton Kutcher Angers 'Two and a Half Men' Amidst Divorce RumorsIt seems that mega star Ashton Kutcher used his exposure on Two and a Half Men to peddle companies in which he has a financial stake in the form of a customized laptop. Interestingly, all these decals got past the people at CBS, and they obviously did not get advertising for their appearance on the astonishingly popular show, which made executives angry.

On the show Kutcher plays internet billionaire Walden Schmidt, and just eight minutes into the second episode of the season, viewers saw the laptop emblazoned with all sorts of decals. They were for Foursquare, Hipmunk, Flipboard and GroupMe. Did you notice any of them during the second episode Two and a Half Men? What do you think of the free advertising he gave to these companies? Was it ethical?

The word is that in the future the decals may be blurred out on Two and a Half Men episodes. Of course, this may not be Ashton Kutcher’s biggest problem if he and Demi Moore do end up splitting.

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