Ashton Kutcher: Cheating a Sign He Wants Family?

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Is Ashton Kutcher allegedly cheating on Demi Moore because he wants to start a family? Host of VH1’s Tough Love, Steve Ward, gave his input of what is causing the rumored scandal in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life. Neither the Two and a Half Men star nor Demi commented on reports that their marriage is headed into trouble after Kutcher reportedly spent the night with Sara Leal.

Steve Ward tells Hollywood Life that he thinks the 15-year age gap between Ashton and Demi plays a huge role in why he’s supposedly cheating. The Tough Love host says Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have probably tried to have a family, but it didn’t work out and now he’s seeking validation from younger women. Since the 33-year-old actor wants a family and he can’t have one with Demi, he’s acting out, according to Ward.

In several photos taken of Ashton, he’s surrounded by a number of young women at Las Vegas and San Diego nightclubs. The latest rumor that he had a tryst with Sara Leal has sparked headlines that Kutcher and Moore are in a doomed marriage.

Will Ashton and Demi survive the rumors this time?

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