Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Divorce Drama Could Go Public!

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Rumors that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s divorce negotiations are not going well has spread like crazy though the gossip rags. It has gotten so bad that the two may not reach a settlement unless they go to court.

That’s right; Ashton and Demi may be staring at a very public divorce battle, drawn out in court. All of this is rumored to be because Ashton Kutcher has made a ton more money in the last couple of years than Demi Moore has. Of course, Kutcher doesn’t want Moore to have any part of his “new-found” revenue increase.

The two have been separated for nearly a year now, after Ashton was caught cheating on Demi with a younger woman.

An unnamed source is saying that though “(They) are trying to negotiate a settlement out of court and out of the public eye. They still haven’t reached an agreement over money.” What’s worse is that this whole mess “could boil over into a public court battle.”

That would be a real shame, seeing Ashton and Demi duke it out over the cash in a nasty divorce preceding. Do you think that Ashton should just pay up and be done with Demi once and for all? Goodness, he does have a new girlfriend in Mila Kunis. Just settle already and save the public humiliation of having the cheating scandal end up in public again!

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