Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Divorce Drama: Someone’s ‘So Cheap!’

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Perhaps Ashton Kutcher should stop being quite “so cheap.” If Ashton and Demi Moore ever have hope of getting their divorce settlement finalized, perhaps he may have to give a little more than he really wants.

Sadly, the Ashton – Demi divorce drama continues to string on. Now some are calling Kutcher “so cheap,” apparently not wanting to part with too much of his ‘Two and a Half Men’ windfall. It isn’t exactly like Demi Moore is going to the poor house herself, still there is a huge question of how the two are willing to split their earnings.

The considerably younger Kutcher is a hot commodity these days, while Moore’s acting career is virtually nonexistent. Add to the fact that Ashton was caught cheating on Demi and now he has moved on with the much younger Mila Kunis.

Is it possible that perhaps Ashton isn’t being cheap so much as Demi (who reportedly isn’t too fond of Mila) is just pushing him to pay up in order to actually be “allowed” to move forward in his relationship with Mila Kunis? Why won’t Ashton Kutcher just get this divorce thing behind him.

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