Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Divorce Stalled?!

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Ashton Kutcher has seemingly moved on his with his life after his marriage with Demi Moore ended. He is having success on his show “Two and a Half Men,” and he is dating Mila Kunis. The only problem is, he can’t move his relationship with Mila forward until one little detail is figured out.

Ashton is still legally married to Demi Moore. It turns out that there is one big hang-up that is stalling the divorce from being finalized. Money!

The problem reportedly stems from the fact that Ashton is now raking in a cool $700,000 per episode for the sitcom. Add that to other income from residuals and endorsement deals and Kutcher has plenty of cash coming in.

Now that Demi Moore knows that Ashton is raking in the big bucks, coupled with fact that she doesn’t like Mila Kunis all that much, she is being painted by tabloids like she is ready to rake Kutcher over the coals. Oh, and there was the reason for their split in the first place… Ashton Kuchter’s cheating problem. The only question is, can the two ever come to an agreement so they can both move on with their lives?

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