Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore split predicted by British tabloid?

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Hollywood gossip columnists in the United States are not the only people fascinated with the celebrity split drama surrounding Hollywood celebs Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. The Brits have taken note of the Hollywood gossip that the Two and a Half Men star may have been caught cheating on his older wife and that the celebrities have been noticeably cold towards one another on Twitter for a while. For these reasons, they have predicted a split.

In a new rumor report from the Mirror (UK), the British gossip mongers who follow international celebrity news were quickly schooled on who Kutcher is, what he may have done wrong to find himself in a scandal and feeling left alone, and about the history of his romance with the older actress Moore.

They write, “Some fear the age difference has taken its toll on their ­relationship. Kutcher’s career is also on the up while Moore’s is on the wane. He commands £700,000 an episode for Two and a Half Men,” further noting, “At her peak Moore was worth £8million a movie, now she pulls in just £1million…” They implied that it might be she who is hurting for money should the couple divorce.

However, they failed to tell readers that Demi Moore—as a famous Hollywood actress with big pull in the entertainment industry—has been the primary driving force behind Ashton Kutcher’s rise to stardom.

The wealth she amassed independently before taking him under her wing is reported to be huge. Although a great deal of her money goes to philanthropic causes, the rumors are she has spent tons of money silently backing projects that involve him. Moore, who had three older kids with movie star ex-husband Bruce Willis, made lots of her own money in films. She also won big when it came time for her and the Die Hard actor to divorce. Also a smart business woman, she’s worked hard to grow her fortune.

Now that she and Ashton are fighting, there’s at least $300 million of her personal dollars estimated at stake unless there was a pre-nup to protect her assets.

Since California is a 50-50% no-fault divorce state, she actually stands to lose more money than him if they break up rather than stay together. These legal facts and financial history rumors about Moore were not pointed out by the UK tabloid article.

What they did mention accurately, however, is that Moore and Kutcher are both avid tweeters. They have used the Twitter platform to help reach out to fans and quash tabloid media rumors quickly. The Brits have taken historical note of their online activities, recognizing that in the past they were very open and self-generated most of the buzz about their stardom.

“She has posted pictures of herself in a bikini and he sent a cheeky snap of her bending over in knickers…” says the UK tabloid.

They told British readers Ashton and Demi have been sending cryptic messages to one another using the service for the past few weeks in the time leading up to his rumored infidelity with aspiring actress Sara Leal.

Leal is expected to come forward with the details of their romance, having hired a big-time Hollywood attorney and shopping the tabloids for the highest bidder to sell her story. Many American women feel Sara Leal intentionally set up Ashton Kutcher with the hopes of selling her story for big profit while catapulting her acting career to super stardom, thanks to gaining fame as his mistress.

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