Ashton Kutcher Expects Demi Moore Will File for Divorce

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Ashton Kutcher expects that Demi Moore will soon file for divorce from him. The Two and a Half Men star would reportedly prefer to work things out with his wife, but really doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Can’t imagine why not–can you?

According to Radar Online, Ashton is “gutted.” He seemed to think that after confessing to Demi Moore about his sexual escapades that perhaps the two could work things out.

Ummm, Ashton? You work things out when you sneak out for coffee with another woman. Or maybe when you fear you’re starting to have thoughts of straying. You had sex with this girl and stayed away from you wife on your anniversary. What is it about this scenario that isn’t quite clicking with you?

Ashton Kutcher is supposedly devastated that Demi Moore is consulting with divorce attorneys. Well what does he expect her to do? Did he think she’d invite Sara Leal over to their house and fix them all some dinner?

A source close to Ashton Kutcher says he’s asked Demi not to file for divorce.

Ashton Kutcher“Ashton is asking Demi not to file for divorce, but there is nothing he can do to stop her,” the source says.

It certainly sounds like a case of too little, too late for Ashton Kutcher. The moral to this story is an ages old one that has long been considered tried and true. Want you marriage to work? Don’t have sex with someone who isn’t your spouse.

Ashton? What do you think about that?

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