Ashton Kutcher Going After Twitter Hacker over Lorene Scafaria Tweets during Demi Moore Divorce

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As if Ashton Kutcher doesn’t have enough to worry about with his divorce from Demi Moore, now he has been the victim of a Twitter hacker. The Two and a Half Men star is not taking this lying down, either.

Ashton Kutcher Going After Twitter Hacker During Demi Moore DivorceThe star’s Twitter and Foursquare accounts were hacked, and now Ashton Kutcher is hell-bent on revenge. In fact, he even tweeted a threatening tweet to his hacker. It said, “I’m coming for you my friend.” After that he tweeted a map of the hacker’s location. Of course, later he deleted the tweet.

In fact, the beleaguered star tweeted a whole slew of messages that he later deleted. They said, “So apparently someone thinks they are clever hacking my account. #lame.” Lame is right. Nobody likes a hacker. Later he tweeted, “Ok mr hacker, you only made one mistake. You hacked my Foursquare and I now know your address. Whoops… This is gonna be fun.” Ultimately it looks as if the perp was caught according to Kutcher’s tweet that said, “Big props to for your amazing security team!”

As bad as the hacker was, you have to admit that the hacked Ashton Kutcher Twitter messages were pretty funny. One said, “First official sleepover with my girl@lorenescafaria so maybe breakfast with everyone next time! (@Lorene’s House).” Oh my! In the midst of his high-profile divorce, that is not cool. Of course, that fake tweet just fanned the flames of the rumors that Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria were an item (something that both of them denied).

Because celebrity Twitter accounts are so closely followed, these types of hacks can wreck a lot of havoc. Then, of course, the Two and a Half Men star has already gotten himself in trouble with the social network recently after making some Penn State comments.

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