Ashton Kutcher has Bad Timing for Cheating Scandal with Wife

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It sounds like Ashton Kutcher chose bad timing for cheating on his wife, Demi Moore, and making her deal with a scandal. There is a new Lifetime special coming out about breast cancer, and Demi actually directed one of the short films. This should be her time to shine.

Instead of promoting her movie, Demi Moore is dealing with the fact that her husband Ashton Kutcher cheated on her, and it is out in the public. Everywhere she goes people are checking to see if she still has her wedding ring on her and what she is doing at the time.

The two have stayed very quiet about how they feel on the subject and are not releasing any comments on the subject now.

Demi Moore is going through interviews right now about her movie, but she has to avoid the questions about Ashton Kutcher and his cheating ways. More details of this scandal are coming out everyday.

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