Ashton Kutcher Moves into Bachelor Pad During Demi Moore Divorce

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With Demi Moore moving on with her mystery man, Ashton Kutcher is moving in. With a friend that is. The word is that the Two and a Half Men star is bunking with a buddy right now while he buys his own full-blown bachelor pad.

Ashton Kutcher Moves Into Bachelor Pad During Demi Moore DivorcegIt seems that Ashton Kutcher wasted no time moving into single life again while moving into his friend’s duplex in Los Angeles. Of course, unlike Demi Moore, who has kids and has to worry about her Twitter name, he is young with very few responsibilities other than himself, so he can afford to party like a rock star and live it up. Of course, he’s only crashing there until he can buy his own proper single guy dwelling on LA’s Sunset Strip.

It seems that after his six-year marriage, the young Ashton Kutcher realized that he wasn’t really ready to give up the single life after all. In fact, it looks like he may be trying to make up for lost time.

What do you think of the Two and a Half Men star’s latest plans? Should he attempt to seem like a grown up, or is it fine for him to continue sewing his wild oats?

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