Ashton Kutcher Post-Demi Moore Mystery Woman… Not Rihanna!?

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Ashton Kutcher seems to have moved on from Demi Moore… and Rihanna for that matter. Kutcher was caught by the paparazzi hanging out in Soho with a mystery woman. Oh Ashton, you sly dog, you!

Yep, the Two and a Half Men star is taking full advantage of being single again. One night he has Rihanna sneaking out of his place at four in the morning, the next week he is strolling the streets of New York with a blonde beauty.

One thing is for sure, everyone is going to want to know who this new woman is. Clearly, Ashton Kutcher is pretty comfortable with her, or at least comfortable enough to be seen out in public. You couldn’t say the same thing for his fling with Rihanna, could you?

So, here he is, with this mystery woman, hanging out in New York City. Clearly she isn’t anywhere close to as high-profile as Demi Moore or as scandalous as Rihanna. Perhaps Ashton is going for the “girl next-door.” Now wouldn’t that be a change of pace?


Is Ashton Kutcher’s new mystery woman just a friend or something more?

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