Ashton Kutcher Responds to Demi Moore’s Divorce Announcement

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Ashton Kutcher has responded to Demi Moore’s announcement that she’s going to divorce him with a short and sweet tweet.

Unlike Kim Kardashian, Demi took plenty of time to really think about whether or not divorce was the right decision for her to make, even though it seemed like the obvious thing to do to most people—it’s safe to say that a majority of women wanted her to leave Ashton right after the news broke that he had cheated on her with a young blonde named Sara Leal.

Demi’s divorce statement was short; she simply expressed her sadness and let her fans know that she ultimately made the decision because of the values she finds sacred. She also asked for people to respect her privacy.

Ashton Kutcher responded to Demi Moore’s announcement with an even shorter statement. Here’s what he tweeted: “I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail. Love and Light, AK.”

It’s a little weird that Ashton responded to the divorce via Twitter—after all, he supposedly quit the social networking site after his Jo Paterno faux pas (however, he obviously hasn’t been able to stay away from it). Unfortunately this time he didn’t tweet an apology, something he definitely owes Demi.

Demi Moore definitely got the short end of the stick here; she’s approaching 50, so getting back in the dating game will not be easy for her. However, Ashton Kutcher might actually be relieved that he can party like a frat boy now without any repercussions.

So are you glad that Demi went through with the divorce? And do you think Ashton will turn into his Two and a Half Men predecessor Charlie Sheen now that he’s single? Sound off in the comments!

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