Ashton Kutcher rumors continue

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Star Magazine has been ranking on actor Ashton Kutcher for weeks now, accusing him of cheating on his wife of five years, the stunning Demi Moore.

Star Magazine published a story about Britteny Jones who claims to be having an affair with Kutcher. Jones gave incriminating details about their alleged relationship and even described Kutcher and Moore’s house – from the inside – in the article!

After denying thPhoto by: AJM/AAD/ 2010 8/27/10 Ashton Kutcher at the 2nd Annual Fantasy Football SuperDraft Weekend. (Palms Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada) Photo via Newscome rumors and threatening a law suit against the magazine, Kutcher has been relatively quiet about the latest allegations.

Well, Star Magazine is at it again! This time, text messages have been revealed by Jones that, if real, could end the marriage between Ashton & Demi. PopEater posted a short back and forth text conversation:

“When’s the next time you’re gonna have an empty house?” (Brittney to Ashton).

“Not sure. Maybe the end of the month. I’m w/ my daughter” (Ashton in reply to Brittney).

This girl is really adamant about getting her story out there. But how do we know if this story is fact or fiction? If she’s lying, she could face defamation charges that would land her in a very tight spot (legally) at a very young age (21). Is it possible that Kutcher is cheating on Moore? Absolutely. Is it likely? No. But it’s always the unsuspecting ones, isn’t it? Think of Steve in Sex & The City!

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