Ashton Kutcher Spotted in Berlin with Demi Moore Look-Alike

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Ashton Kutcher was spotted in Berlin with a Demi Moore look-alike. Could he be regretting his actions that ultimately destroyed his marriage? Is he now re-thinking his sexual dalliances with Sara Leal?

According to Hollywood Life, the Two and a Half Men star has been in Berlin for a couple of weeks now, and has had no shortage of women by his side. He even had a flip answer when asked by a German reporter about his new status as a single man.

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher“I’m single, why shouldn’t I get to meet and get to know women? And if they’re cute, even better!” Kutcher was quoted as saying.

Shortly after this quote, however, he reportedly spied a Demi Moore look-alike across the room at a loft party he was attending. She was ‘a brunette with waist-long brown hair.’ It seems Ashton Kutcher immediately gravitated toward the woman, spent the evening partying with her and wound up leaving in the early morning hours with her and her two friends in a chauffer-driven BMW.

So, do you think his draw to a woman who looks like Demi Moore is indicative of Ashton Kutcher’s regret? Or is he simply drawn to women who look like Demi, and can’t get enough of a good thing?

This isn’t the first time Ashton has been out partying since his split from Demi Moore. However it is the first time he was seen leaving a party with women–and with one of them strongly resembling his very pretty soon-to-be ex-wife.

What do you think?

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