Ashton Kutcher Takes Mila Kunis Home for the Holidays: Marriage on the Horizon?

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When a man like Ashton Kutcher takes a woman to his parent’s house for the holidays you know it is getting serious, especially if the woman is Mila Kunis.

The two have appeared to be getting serious for the past nine months now according to The Inquisitr, but how serious can two people be romantically if one of them is still a married man?

It did not appear that Demi Moore nor Kutcher ever appeared to think about divorcing one another this past year as he dallied with Kunis and Moore was photographed partying with an even younger playmate. And some speculated that the two would actually get back together, since it isn’t like Kutcher hasn’t been accused of cheating on his older wife before. Right?

But Demi Moore was finally served with divorce papers before Christmas, signaling the end of their marriage was near. And if anyone doubted that Kutcher was ready to move on for sure then they just had to catch him and Kunis together in Cedar Rapids this weekend, as he was serving up That ’70s Show actress some ice cream and holiday shopping for the family.

Kutcher Spotted With Kunis In Iowa

And it looks like Mila Kunis is about to be the Kutcher family’s newest member, since Ashton Kutcher hasn’t had to have a divorce from Demi to do what he wanted to before now, but he would need one to tie the knot with someone else. Right?

Photo Credit: Inquisitr

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