Ashton Kutcher Tries to Repair Reputation with “Punk’d”

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Ashton Kutcher doesn’t have the best reputation in the media these days; he was caught cheating on his wife and when he tried to make it better, she decided to file for divorce. He has been spotted several times after the divorce was made public and he looks sad, exhausted and desperate to move on.

However, it seems that MTV knows how to help those in need because Ashton got the offer to shoot his old show, Punk’d for MTV. Perhaps MTV needs a new fresh boost and Ashton needs to clear his name, so this could be a match made in heaven. The original show ran back in 2003 to 2005, and this new season will air in 2012. And none other than Ashton Kutcher will be the host of the show.

So what can you expect for this upcoming season and Ashton Kutcher’s role? Well, a trailer for the show will air on New Years Eve and will give fans at hint at what they can expect. But the question is; how many people will actually watch Ashton’s revival and attempt to clear his name? Being a funny guy who has lost your edge is one thing, but being a cheater with no respect for your wife and her children who adore you is quite another.

Will you be watching Punk’d this upcoming season? If you are a Kutcher lover, you may enjoy this season. And if you are not, you can probably join Demi Moore in the boycott of the show.

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