Ashton Kutcher Twitters Demi Moore's Butt (photo)

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Did Demi Moore get Punk'd by her own husband?

Sure seems so. Saturday morning, Kutcher Twittered the following:

     "watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!"

And also   

     "shh don't tell wifey"

According to, she was steaming Kutcher's suit as they were getting ready to go to Bruce Willis' wedding (to Emma Heming) in the Turks and Caicos. She had no idea he took the photo and shared it with the world. And she was steaming his freakin' suit for him! How disrespectful.

Boo on you, Ashton Kutcher. That's was such a Kelso move.

photo source: CeleBuzz



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