Ashton Kutcher: ‘Two and a Half Men’ Straining Marriage to Demi Moore?

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Ashton Kutcher has a thriving career now on Two and a Half Men and Demi Moore is on the sidelines, so to speak. Since the 33-year-old actor was the subject of a rumored cheating scandal last week with a woman by the name of Sara Leal, tabloids have run with the story. Dr. Wendy Walsh, co-host of the The Doctors talked to Celebuzz about what could be causing the possible strain on Ashton’s marriage to Demi.

“If there’s any factor that’s the biggest one, it’s his new job on Two and a Half Men,” Dr. Walsh says. “Its tough when someone’s career shoots off when someone else is winding down, not that it can’t be worked through.”

Dr. Walsh added that reports made a big deal out of the fact Ashton Kutcher quit following Demi Moore on Twitter. She said they need to be talking and not tweeting each other. The pair have kept a low profile the last several days and that’s the best thing they can do.

This isn’t the first time Ashton and Demi have been front and center in a cheating scandal, but this time around could be very different. Even if the Hollywood couple survive this, it’s still hard on their marriage.

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