Ashton Kutcher Video Rant Scolds the Media (Video)

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A depressed, low-energy Ashton Kutcher released a 4-minute YouTube monologue on the state of truth in media and related it to the history of publishing. The Ashton Kutcher video rant not-so-subtly scolds the media for feeding rumor mills with false information. Is this is a response to the media publishing story after story of his alleged cheating and divorce? Most likely, yes.

Ashton Kutcher Gets Philosophical

Kutcher’s video shows a side of Ashton that is seldom seen. He seems quiet and thoughtful, not characteristics one would normally use to describe Ashton Kutcher. The Ashton Kutcher video gives surprising insight and information into the history of the printing industry and how it was tied to religion and economics. He explains that the cost structure of early printing was prohibitively expensive, which caused publishers to have to be very selective in what printing projects they decided to take on. The result was a level of honesty and integrity that has degraded in recent days because a printer’s reputation was on the line with what he decided to print.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Says Social Media Has Destroyed Truth

The Ashton Kutcher video rant blames social media for the degradation of truth in media. He says that because social media has zero publishing cost and instantaneous delivery to the public, there is no “gatekeeper of truth.” He says, “people bastardize the truth however they want.”

While Ashton Kutcher’s video has some valid points, his delivery method and crazy looking beard make him seem a little out there. Was he under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Is he merely fed up and using the same social media tools he criticizes to make a point? It will be interesting to see how people react to Ashton’s lecture about truth.

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