Ashton Kutcher: Wedding Ring Was Never Off in Videos?

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With all the rumors surrounding Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore and their supposed split, many people have eyed their ring fingers for clues.

Over the weekend, Kutcher posted two web videos on Chime.In. However, it was not the content of the videos that got people talking, rather what Kutcher wasn’t wearing—his wedding ring.

However, a new video from Kutcher popped up on Chime.In today, and his wedding ring was back on, and he made it clear by pointing to his hat, with his wedding ring clearly in view.

But wait.

When making a video with a webcam, everything appears “reversed.” The entire image on his sweatshirt is reversed. So then, what appears to be his left hand would actually be his right, which could explain the lack of a ring. If this is the case, then Kutcher, for his next video, deliberately donned the wedding ring on his right hand to make it appear to be on his left hand.

Perhaps he did this to help calm the rumors?

It is interesting that in the first video, he spoke about honesty. Kutcher said:

There is no gatekeeper to the truth. We are our own editors, we are our own publishers and we are our own printers. Therefore, people can bastardize the truth in any way, shape or form that they want and spread that around the world.

It seems that he may have been addressing the rumors, in his own way. Though neither Kutcher nor Demi Moore have spoken out about the matter at hand, many assume that what is being reported is true. The video seemed to be Kutcher’s way of saying that no matter what is said, it will be twisted to mean something else.

The two were spotted getting into a car together earlier today. Perhaps they are trying to work things out?

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