Assad Assassination Attempt Rumor Sweeps Across Globe

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Syrian President Bashar al Assad may be clinging to life in a Damascus hospital, after allegedly being shot by his Iranian bodyguard Saturday, according to rumors which flooded social media sites overnight.

Right now, everyone will just have to wait and see whether there is any truth to this story. Syrian government officials, by the way, are denying that the president has been hospitalized, and that he will address the country in a few days in a speech.

There are so many conflicting reports coming out of the Middle East right now, it’s tough to differentiate between fact and fiction. Only time will tell if there is any truth to the reports that Assad was almost assassinated.

Unlike Mubarek and Gaddafi, Assad is young and strong enough to fight a protracted battle against the rebels in his country. Since the Syrian Civil War was touched off about two years ago, he has shown the same cunning and ruthlessness which his father possessed, and obviously has no intention of giving up his nation without a fight. Last year, another one of Assad’s bodyguards blew himself up in a suicide blast.

File:Bashar al-Assad (cropped).jpgGateway Pundit is reporting that the dictator is suffering from serious gunshot wounds, and was transported Saturday night to Shami Hospital in Damascus. The army has allegedly shut down all roads leading into the area around the medical center, according to reports.

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