Assassination attempt backfires, politician lives

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An assassination attempt against a liberal politican while he was standing in front of a crowd on stage shocked the audience. But it didn’t shock them as much as the shooter when his gun backfired according to the Daily Mail on Saturday.

AssassinThe politician involved was not from the United States, although their recent gun control debate rhetoric here could lead to something similar happening if those talks don’t get cooled down more, especially in New York, where a recent gun law passage is angering many according to WETM-TV News.

A Turkish minority’s liberal party leader in Bulgaria was the target this time, however. And the gunman brazenly walked up on stage and proceeded to try and shoot the politician in the face. Can you believe that? Thankfully the alleged criminal was unwise in his choice of weapons, as it backfired on him and didn’t harm Ahmed Dogan at all. It is being reported by news outlets that it was loaded with gas instead of bullets, so he obviously just wanted to make a bold statement with his actions. And he definitely did that, didn’t he?

Security guards got Ahmed Dogan out of the tense situation immediately afterward, but it was the 58-year-old speaker that really saved himself as he pushed the shooter’s hand away the moment the gun didn’t fire, and then he did what Americans tell children to do in the event of a fire: drop and roll. Dogan dropped to the floor and tried to roll himself away from the gunman as others tackled the shooter before he could attempt to pull any more weapons out.

The 25-year-old gunman had two knives on him as well, so it is a good thing the response against him was swift and certain, as he could have meant to harm the politician after all. He won’t get another chance now, as the AFP is reporting that Dogan is quitting his job. Who wants to put their life at risk by such madmen. Right?

At least it was the armed man who was bloodied after his futile assassination attempt. That’s thanks to security quickly tackling him and giving him a bit of a rough up, then escorting him away from prying eyes of guests lest someone cry lawsuit, like is done in America, right?

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