Asteroids to Pass Within the Distance of the Moon Today

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Not one asteroid, but two asteroids will be passing by the earth today, and both will be within the distance of the moon. But don’t worry, NASA says that the two small asteroids are nothing to worry about.

The two asteroids, 2010 RX30 and 2010 RF12, will both be within one lunar mile of the earth. Asteroid 2010 RF12 will be within .2 lunar miles to the earth. That’s only 50,000 miles. (You can see an image of the projected asteroid path here.)

The asteroids were spotted by NASA’s Near Earth Program, which was designed to give earth a warning when objects pose a possible threat to earth.

The first asteroid already passed by earth at around 5 this morning, apparently without incident. The other asteroid will be passing by earth early this evening. Nasa says that the asteroids will not be able to be seen with the naked eye, but should be able to be seen with a decent telescope.

“Things like this happen every day that we simply don’t know about because we don’t have the telescopes

large enough to find them or surveys that are looking full-time,” said Donald Yeomans, manager of NASA’s Near Earth Program.

You can read more about the two asteroids, and the Near Earth Program at

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