Astro Apologizes, Moves on from Tantrum on ‘The X Factor’ 2011 Final 9 Performance Show

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Apology was the word for The X Factor 2011 finalist Astro Tuesday night as he offered up a Thanksgiving week treat to fans in the wake of his near-elimination.

Astro, also known as Brian Bradley, was the final member of the Boys Group to perform. His pre-performance clip wasn’t mushy like many of his competitors, and dealt with the fallout of his now infamous tantrum. After finding himself in the bottom two last week, he didn’t know how to control his emotions and reacted poorly to facing potential elimination. He was encouraged by the support he found online, though, and dedicated his performance to “my true fans”.

As the performance began, he offered up a terse apology, promising “no tantrums this week” and offering up an “I’m sorry, I’m from Brooklyn” followed by a laugh. He then launched into his Thanksgiving number, which was, as always, high-energy and well-done. The worry, however, is with his maturity level and whether or not he can handle the stresses of The X Factor competition in the long run. Not everyone will always like him, and he needs to be able to absorb criticism without letting it hurt him so much.

Following the performance, he again promised to handle himself better and to not let his fans down again.

Over 30s mentor Nicole Scherzinger said “I believe in you and you are a champion” and admonished him to “always remain grateful”. Groups mentor Paula Abdul asked if she could be an Astronaut, and claimed that haters “must be perfect”. Girls mentor Simon Cowell offered to send Paula up to space before expressing his admiration of the 15-year-old performer. He asserted that the “music business needs unpredictably”, but thought the song wasn’t a perfect one for the theme of the week. L.A. praised Astro for humbling himself and apologizing, and told him that “it’s going to be tough going forward” but that he’ll be fine if he stays level-headed.

Will Astro advance to the X Factor 2011 top 7, or will he have another chance to handle himself better during a stressful elimination situation? Tune in to the results show tonight to find out.

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