Astro Signed by Jay-Z? ‘X-Factor’ Rumor False!

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“Jay-Z signed Astro (Brian Bradley) of X Factor: USA!” is the headline that’s been making waves in the entertainment business lately. However, has Astro really signed with Jay-Z? Unfortunately for his fans, this headline seems to be a rumor.

TheXFactorTitles2011.jpgSimon Cowell of X Factor: USA is known for both his mouth and his brain. Contestants on the hit show reportedly must sign onto a one year contract. Thus, sadly, they are unable to sign on with any other label unless Cowell gives the go ahead. When it comes to Astro, Cowell most likely didn’t allow him to sign with Jay-Z or anyone else.

Despite being called out numerous times on his bad attitude, 15-year-old Astro has shown he has more talent than some artists twice his age. Plus, Cowell knows a money maker when he sees one and when it comes down to dollars and cents; it just doesn’t make sense to allow the rap prodigy to sign with anyone else.

There hasn’t been official word from X Factor: USA, Simon Cowell, Astro or Jay-Z about this rumor yet. The young rapper’s step father and manager, Collin West, is remaining very tight lipped about his son’s career plans. Don’t fret though fans because you will probably still be hearing a lot from Astro.

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