Atheism Billboard Exposes Religious Hypocrisy

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An atheism billboard being unveiled in Dallas has some people angered to the point that they’re not behaving in a way that reflects what their beliefs are claiming. In fact, it appears that this billboard has inspired more than just the originally desired reaction. But the controversy regarding the non-belief in deities and misleading headlines regarding this story are probably adding to the confusion as well.

In news reports circulating around Dallas and online articles word it as if African-Americans are being targeted by an atheist group. African Americans for Humanism is responsible for the upcoming unveiling of the atheism billboard, so this is obviously not a race-baiting sort of thing. This is also not an attack on religion or any individual’s personal faith. The fact of the matter is simple; religious organizations put up billboards all over the country encouraging faith and fellowship. That is simply the jest of what this billboard is for. It’s to encourage African-Americans who are questioning faith to know that they are not alone.

Some of the hate mail being received by the organization have been downright rude and unnecessary, not to mention ignorant and completely hypocritical of many faith belief structures. For example:

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.I have looked at your web cite [sic] and your billboards in Dallas. Your black Athiest [sic] Organizations make me sick. There is nothing worse than a bunch of blacks supporting Gays and Lesbians.. You are infesting are [sic] cities with your foolish beliefs! What is your reasoning behind your Athiest [sic] beliefs? It is groups like yours that are screwing up lives.”

This is the mentality of people opposing the Dallas atheism billboard, and it’s apparent that these are individuals who do not respect civil liberties, freedom or the United States Constitution. These people are the same individuals who are angered with President Obama for wanting more availability of contraceptives for harming their “religious freedoms.” Yet they turn around and try to abuse, harass and bully others who want the very same rights as they.

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