Atheism Blamed for Sikh Shooting by Zealot Televangelist

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Atheism is being blamed for the Sikh mass shooting in Wisconsin by famed tele-zealot Pat Robertson. Of course this idiot didn’t know what he was talking about when running at the mouth about the white supremacist responsible for yesterday’s bloodshed. Wade Michael Page is a known skinhead, tattooed with a variety of images — some of which tied to Christianity! So Robertson is apparently getting crazier in his decrepid state of old age. It’s bad enough that gun nuts, super-liberals and so-called “911 patriots” are throwing their two cents into the fray. Of course, a crazed bible-thumper like Pat Robertson has to push his agenda as well.

People need to realize that this was a hate crime; plain and simple. He was a neo nazi, and while there are very few neo nazi skinheads that call themselves atheists, most of them are either Christian or followers of the old Norse religion Asatru. People like this, who are staunch in their skinhead, white supremacist beliefs, try to stick as closely as possible to the beliefs of Adolph Hitler — who absolutely despised atheism.

It’s more likely that this idiot attacked the Sikh temple because he believed he was attacking a Muslim mosque, judging by his 9/11 tattoo. And to be quite honest, you don’t often hear atheists talking about ‘them damn muslims’ as though they’re terrorists. Not to be too rude, but that’s an ignorant belief touted by so-called patriotic Christians (of many denominations) in the United States.

All comments about religion and political ideology aside; the politicizing of these hate crimes needs to stop. Nobody cares about the opinions of people like Pat Robertson, the NRA, Fox News republican pundits or far-liberal anti-gun individuals — and if they do care, their priorities are simply messed up. People died yesterday, just like the mass shooting in Aurora. These are human lives that were lost due to the idiocy and senselessness of criminals. People who jump on these tragedies and immediately use the pain and suffering of the victims to push their agendas are doing more harm than good.

So shame on Pat Robertson for blaming the lack of belief in deities on the senseless killing of several peaceful Sikh people.

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