Atheism in America Targeted by Pope; Good Luck with That, Pal

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Parents, tell your children: Atheism is under attack! Just kidding, but the Pope would like to think it is. You see, over at the Vatican while he’s not scolding nuns for not hating women like the rest of them, he wants American Catholics to see to the end of secularism in the land of the free. Someone needs to tell the guy that this isn’t Italy and that nobody is going to just make the atheists go away because he is threatened by the growing lack of belief in his god.

This CatholicNews.Com garbage blog even goes as far as blaming the mistreatment of Muslims on atheists in the United States post-9/11, which you’d have to be absolutely brain-dead to believe. Violent attacks on Muslim-Americans and overall bigotry toward Middle Eastern people increased among Christian fundamentalists and otherwise bigoted people in general after 9/11. In fact, someone should challenge The Pope to provide news reports of atheists attacking Muslims during these times. Furthermore, why does this “holy leader” need to resort to flat-out lying and making things up to garner his followers’ sheeply allegiance?

What the Pope is doing here is further trying to incite division between Americans. While he and his so-called “scholars” accuse atheism of causing “civil unrest” he’s calling on American Christians to “render public moral witness” in the States to put a stop to secularism. Isn’t what he’s doing fundamentally what he is accusing secular free thinkers of doing? He’s not even in America and he’s pulling his puppet strings trying to further drive a wedge between Americans by using religion as a weapon. That’s despicable and only goes to show just how toxic the Catholic Church is and religious radicalism in general.

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