Atheist Attacked by Muslim Becomes Target of Threats

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Atheist Ernest Perce V is reportedly the target of death threats after he was victimized by an angry Muslim attacker and the judge sided with the defendant. It’s been previously reported that Judge Mark Martin threw a “harassment” case out even though there was proof that Ernest was attacked and choked from behind by Talaag Elbayomy. Elbayomy even admitted to attacking the man to the officer who charged him, because he thought it was illegal for him to be dressed as “zombie Muhammed.”

<strong>Zombie Muhammad attacked</strong>

Ever since Judge Mark Martin chose Sharia Law over the United States Constitution, Ernest Perce V has been the target of nearly 500 death threats. Perce spoke with the Daily Caller and said the following:

“People have said that they would kill me, rip my eyes out, run me over, shoot me and then laugh at me, since I have blasphemed Muhammad. They say I will be found out and hung in front of my family.”

It should probably be assumed that Judge Mark Martin is probably the target of threats himself because he basically caused all of this to happen. Had he upheld the laws of this country instead of allowing a Muslim attacker to go free because of his biases, things would probably be a little different. The judge admitted on audio that he is also a Muslim, so why hasn’t this problem been addressed yet?

Religious tolerance is a necessary virtue in the United States, even though some majority religions want otherwise. One thing is for certain, and that’s that radical Islam is not welcomed in this country. If you cannot abide by the U.S. Constitution and the laws of this land, you don’t belong here. The man who attacked Perce does not belong here, and neither does the judge who sided with Sharia Law in his dismissal of the case.

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