Atheist David Silverman Called ‘Fascist’ by Idiot Bill O’Reilly

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David Silverman is ordinarily a pretty level-headed guy, but Bill O’Reilly can test the patience of even the saintliest of sane-minded, educated people. On a segment of The O’Reilly Factor, the host and the president of American Atheists went head-to-head and toe-to-toe over religious displays on public land and whether or not Christmas should be a federal holiday.

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Naturally Silverman doesn’t believe Christmas should be a federal holiday, and he’s right. It should be nothing more than a religious holiday, as it pretty much already is. Most companies give employees days off during their religious holiday observations, so truly the holiday season in the U.S. wouldn’t be affected one way or the other. David Silverman is also right in thinking that religious-oriented displays shouldn’t be on public-funded lands. This is because it violates the law in that it comes across as the government promoting one religion over the other — therefore violating the wall of separation between church and state.

Bill O’Reilly can’t handle when guests on his show are more educated and logical than he, so as usual he spouts off with the yelling, the incessant interrupting and the overall bellyaching that he is known to do on his Fox News program. He referred to the president of American Atheists as a “fascist” for his opinions, but he couldn’t be farther from the truth — of course making ad hominem attacks against someone with a differing POV is nothing new to Bill.

It’s not fascism to expect your government to abide by the laws of the land — i.e. the U.S. Constitution and the writings of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. It’s clear that a religious display is a violation of the fundamentals of the separation of church and state, so it’s “fascist” to expect citizens who are feeling oppressed to just lay down, shuttup, and get over this violation. Sorry, Bill, but you’re way off mark this time!

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