Atheist Discrimination Can Sometimes Be Fatal

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Atheist discrimination is a very real thing — even though there are some intolerant people who laugh off that thought. Nonetheless, a new study titled “Freedom of Thought 2012″ details a slew of discriminatory practices against nonbelievers, and in some cases the discrimination takes an extreme form — the death penalty.

In at least seven countries it is punishable by death to openly lack belief in deities. These countries include Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Maldives among others. It’s nauseating to think that you can be put to death, your life ended permanently, simply for lacking a belief in deities.

Don’t let the extremism of Islamic regions blind you to the truth behind atheist discrimination in the Western world. The “Freedom of Thought 2012″ study also found that policies in the United States as well as in Europe tend to show favoritism over those who are religious as opposed to who identify with atheism, humanism or any variation of the lack of belief in gods and religion.

The privilege of the religious isn’t a secret to those who live in this country without belief in “god,” and with each year that passes it seems that more and more free thinkers are speaking out. Pointing out the discrimination that this minority group goes through is a good thing, because it helps in drawing attention to a very obvious problem. However, will the right people listen? Will anything be done about the religious majority’s disdain and intolerance for the nonbelievers?

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