Atheist Marriage: An Oppressed Right in Some States

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A national atheist group is taking on the state of Indiana over marriage equality — and no, this isn’t focusing on same sex unions. This is over a person’s right to a secular marriage ceremony — a right that is being oppressed in states like Indiana. Contrary to what some people believe, a legal marriage in the United States is in no way something inspired by, overseen or defined by religion or any belief system. So it’s difficult for a freethinker to exchange very real vows of love with a very real romantic partner, but only under the condition of the “blessing” of an imaginary deity.

The Center for Inquiry believes that nonreligious people are entitled to weddings that do not impose religious or supernatural beliefs upon them. Therefore, it should be a given that nonbelievers should be allowed to conduct marriage ceremonies under some sort of authorization. However, Indiana law prohibits atheists officiants. That’s probably because there isn’t such thing as a freethinking rabbi, preacher, pastor or whatever combination of holy men you can think of. Indiana law only allows members of the clergy (of insert religion here) to oversee weddings.

This is an insanely unfair statute that needs to be overturned. That’s why the Center for Inquiry is stepping up to the plate and demanding that something be done over this unfair treatment of a growing percentage of citizens. Just because someone doesn’t believe in deities, mythology and superstition doesn’t mean they are incapable of loving another to the point of marrying them.

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