Atheist sign: Misses the mark: Racism backfires!

An atheist sign meant to provoke those in the Pensylvannia legistlature to do away with honoring the Bible, has instead provoked anger from all. The billboard depicts an a slave who is black and a sign with a biblical quote: “Slaves obey your master.”

According to the Huffington Post, “Perce and the atheist sponsors of the billboard said they are dismayed that people were offended by the image instead of what he called injustices in the Bible and legislators naming 2012 ‘The Year of the Bible.'”

Perce has received death threats because of the billboard. No one it seems understood their message. So what is their message: There message is to take the Bible out of context to promote their own message of hate and not love. Love is the message of Christians and their Bible, and because of their own hatred and mean-spirited billboard, the atheists have lost this round.

The billboard is hateful. No one wants to be reminded of the awful past of racism, and least of all, does anyone have the right to use those images to provoke hatred. The sign was a disgusting disply of racism. The good news is the billboard was taken down withint 24 hours, and no one got hurt.

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