Atheist Student Shares Feelings on Lenoir City High School

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Atheist high school student Krystal Myers is in headlines after complaining about the unfair treatment she’s getting from her school in Lenoir City, Tennessee. It was earlier reported that her school wouldn’t allow her to publish an atheism-related story in the student newspaper—of which she is the editor. Now, is sharing the young woman’s sentiments.

The poignantly written essay reveals a look into the daily life of a free-thinking student at this Tennessee high school. Krystal Myers is alleging that the school violates the separation of church and state throughout several events and through the encouragement of Christian prayer. She writes:

“Not only are there multiple clubs featuring the Christian faith, but youth ministers are also allowed to come onto the school campus and hand candy and other food out to Christians and their friends. However, I feel like if an atheist did that, people would not be happy about it.”

Her writings also reveal the earlier reported allegation that the school teachers have openly encouraged students to join Christian-focused youth groups. The school also has a history of violating Supreme Court rulings through Christian prayer at sporting events and other school-sponsored clubs, meetings, and assemblies.

“They do have prayers. They pray to ‘our heavenly Father’ and end with ‘in Jesus’ name we pray.’ Not only is this a violation of Supreme Court rulings, but also a violation of the board’s own policy that prohibits prayer at school—sponsored events,” writes Krystal.

If this young woman is being truthful in what she is saying about Lenoir City High School, then something needs to be done. Has Krystal considered contacting ACLU or the Freedom From Religion Foundation? American Atheists would also possibly be willing to help another high schooler in America who is being treated unfairly.

The Supreme Court ruled against prayer in schools around 40 or so years ago. There is no excuse for this school violating the basic laws mandated on public education facilities. To be quite blunt, the idiotic teacher who is encouraging children to join Christian youth groups and the like should be suspended or fired. People don’t want teachers indoctrinating their kids whether they’re far-right Christian fanatics or atheists who just want to be left alone.

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