Atheist Teen Denied Delivery by Local Florists

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Atheist teen Jessica Alhquist is still the receiving end of mistreatment by ultra-religious yokels in Cranston. It appears that florists shops in her town are outright refusing to deliver flowers that have been ordered as gifts for the brave, intelligent child. What kind of business shuns and demands business to a child? Businesses that deserve to be boycotted; businesses that deserve to go out of business for playing politics with their business models.

Twins Florist in Cranston is the target of a civil rights complaint after they declined to deliver flowers to atheist teen Jessica Alhquist. Jessica is better known for taking her high school to court over a religious prayer mural and winning. Now the yokels of Cranston are lashing out at this 16-year-old girl. Yes, a 16-year-old high school student.

Two other florists in town are also refusing to deliver flowers to the young girl, which is a pretty backwards thing to do, considering this young teen is someone who is standing up for the United States Constitution. What does Twins Florist and the locals of Cranston have against patriotism? Do they really think that waging this “holy war” of ostracizing a teenage girl makes their town or businesses look desirable to tourists, visitors or people who may want to purchase property in their little podunk town?

Who’s in for a complete and total boycott of the town of Cranston? This place seems to find it okay to ostracize a 16-year-old child simply because she has the intelligence and love for her country to stand up for what’s right. That’s absolutely despicable.

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