Atheist Victim Threatened by Biased Judge for Publicizing Case

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An atheist man, who was the victim of an attack by a Muslim man, is now being threatened by Judge Mark Martin for publicizing the case. American Atheists’ Pennsylvania State Director Ernest Perce was assaulted by Talaag Elbayomy during a coordinated march in costume. While expressing his First Amendment rights, it’s alleged that Talaag Elbayomy rushed from the curb into the marching spectacle to attack Perce. He allegedly grabbed him by his fake beard and a sign he was carrying around his neck, which resulted in the victim being choked.

As reported earlier the attacker was only charged with harassment, even though what he truly committed (if the allegations are true) is an act of violence —an act of violence in the name of religious extremism. To make matters worse, Judge Mark Martin thew the case out of court while calling the victim of this blatant crime a “doofus.”

It’s excellent that all of this is known and in the public now. There is even online footage available of the attack as well as the ruling of the magistrate judge. What’s sad is instead of making a statement or defending his actions, Mark Martin is now threatening retaliation on the victim whose First Amendment rights were disregarded in court.

Even the officer who first responded to this crime is shocked by the judge’s decision. He says that the attacker admitted to his actions at the time of the incident, but he then denied them in court. It’s reported that the judge didn’t allow any evidence such as the video to be shown in court. The officer said the following:

“I believe that I brought a case that showed proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and the case was dismissed, and I was disappointed.”

Judge Mark Martin was not available for comment at 12:42 p.m. PST on Wednesday, but the receptionist on the phone acknowledged that this has attracted a lot of attention. She had received a lot of calls then. Wait until this becomes an even bigger deal!

Some may try to make this an issue of whether or not Perce deserved to be attacked and that isn’t the issue. The issue in this isn’t whether or not he provoked a physical altercation from a religious fanatic. The issue here is how blatantly judge Mark Martin disregarded Perce’s constitutional rights, and now that he’s been revealed for his character he is threatening to retaliate. He has yet to answer for his actions of ignoring a victim while calling him mentally demeaning names, and he has yet to address why he chose to specifically bring up the U.S. Constitution while ignoring it at the same time. He has only threatened the victim of this “harassment” (which was actually a physical assault) for speaking his mind and exposing the discrimination that occurs in some courts.

Constitutional law isn’t the most confusing of concepts. You either have freedom of expression or you don’t. There are no laws against that freedom, but there are plenty of laws against assault, harassment, and violence in general. So what’s the problem here?

Why is Mark Martin threatening to hold Perce in contempt for court simply for continuing to express his First Amendment rights? Does he not realize this is the United States or did he spend too much time being indoctrinated in Middle Eastern cultures? If that’s the case, he’s a personal threat to the justice system and the rights of those under his jurisdiction.

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