AT&T T-Mobile Merger Affects 3G Network Customers

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Article correction notice: Edit made Friday May 6th.

Many mobile phone customers are curious how the impending AT&T T-Mobile merger will affect their service. The move was a big one for AT&T in terms of its business, and will impact the technology involved with mobile phones and other network devices. Specifically it will affect the T-Mobile customers currently using phones on the 3G network.

AT&T Upgrading 3G Networks to 4G/LTE

It’s been noted that the merger will mean an upgrade from the current 3G Network that T-Mobile uses to 4G/LTE network. CNET News notes that AT&T is planning to spend big on this too, to the sum of $8 billion to convert current T-Mobile towers from 3G to 4G. It’s costly but necessary to get the latest technology in place for all customers.

Impact on T-Mobile Customers

So what will the impact be on T-Mobile customers with AT&T taking over and upgrading the network? It means cell phone customers with T-Mobile will need to replace their current 3G mobile phones. This will give them access to the quicker 4G/LTE network that AT&T will be putting in place. Some will be quick to say that this will cost a lot for both customers and AT&T, but it seems there will be a payoff.

Good News for AT&T and Customers

The good news in all this is that T-Mobile customers will apparently be able to upgrade their phones via an incentive program. It has yet to be announced, but one would think that AT&T will allow T-Mobile customers to upgrade to a comparable or better 4G phone at a lesser cost. That’s a great move in terms of improving cell phone and network technology for customers.

This AT&T T-Mobile merger is also a good business move as they attempt to compete with Verizon. The wireless provider is currently considered among the best when it comes to their 4G/LTE speeds and service. This means a lot of spending and groundwork to get their technology in place, but it’s going to greatly benefit customers and AT&T in the long run.

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