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A spectator
with boogly wide eyes
burrows snugly beneath
a black and yellow jacket
She crouches low,
hidden by crispy winter leaves
and a prickly cold wind;
watching the couple by the lake
Screams of anger resonates
A women bows down her head
as the man belittles her
over and over again
She can take no more
She readies herself
for an attack;
aiming directly for the neck
The woman sees her
stealthily approach
and a slow forming smile
brightens her face
Ouch!!!, the man screams
As he grabs onto his neck
The bee twirls exhaustingly
dying to the ground
Not before seeing the girls smile


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Who am I? I am learning that myself. I am a simple girl with visions and dreams ready to be explored. I am a lost artist, ready to paint on my canvas again. "I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some com

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