Attacker of Paris Hilton’s Boyfried Sent to Jail

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On April 27, Paris Hilton made her way into a Los Angeles-area courthouse to face Nathan Parada who burglarized her nearby home. As she and her boyfriend, club owner Cy Waits, entered the courthouse, the man, later identified as James Rainford, grabbed Waits by the neck. He was promptly taken down by Hilton’s security team.

Justice works swiftly when you’re famous: Rainford was given to 227 days in the slammer, in addition to three years probation. Apparently, this wasn’t his first brush with Paris Hilton as he has already been in trouble with the law for showing up at Paris Hilton’s home in the past.

While it is wonderful that Waits and Hilton were able to get such swift justice delivered, it seems the court system treats celebrities and “commoners” unequally. Perhaps Rainford will get squeezed out of the jailhouse due to overcrowding, just the way his stalkee Paris Hilton did a few years earlier.

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