atticus is officially two!

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yesterday was atticus’s birthday. 2 years old already, unbelieveable!

we had a fun day planned. we drove 3 hrs away to tennessee to go to a ripley’s believe it or not aquarium.  it should have been two hours away but apparently there is a huge rockslide covering both sides of the highway we needed to take.

the aquarium was AWESOME. there was one part that was a loooong tunnel where above you, and both sides of you was all one giant fish tank that contained fish, sharks, stingrays, and those neat sharks with the chainsaws for noses (lol). it was so cool to walk right through this enourmous fish tank.

when we first entered the aquarium atticus was so exited, he was running up to tanks yelling and pointing “FISH!” “FISH!” “FISH!”

before we left we let him pick a stuffed toy from the gift shop, he chose a neat turtle.  when we got in the car to drive home he passed out within 2 minutes, he was pooped!

(i have lots of photo’s from our trip, it will take me some time to upload them all but i will get them up little by little)

then when we got home atticus’s aunt, her boyfriend and his new baby cousin were here. his grandma had made dinner and baked him an amazing cake in the shape of a train (yes i have pics of it). and his uncle, his girlfriend and his older cousin came over. so we had dinner, then cake and presents.  it was a blast!

we all slept good last night.


happy birthday atticus!

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