Attorney: Justin Bieber’s Mariah Yeater Going Forward Despite Facing Jail Time

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Justin Bieber fans are angry that Mariah Yeater is claiming that Bieber fathered her 3-month-old child, but her attorneys claim that they have a solid case against Justin. In other words, they plan to pursue a case against the superstar despite the fact that Yeater could be going to jail if she is found to be lying about the entire matter. Justin – along with all of his 14 million Twitter fans – say that she is indeed lying about the paternity scandal.

Mychal Wilson, a Los Angeles attorney, tells Hollywood Life that Yeater could go to prison for two years on perjury charges. To avoid jail time, Yeater has to prove that Justin Bieber is indeed the father of her child, meaning a paternity test to prove a DNA match. And she must do this under oath, so a home DNA tester kit won’t do! Sorry, Yeater. Wilson explains that he is surprised Yeater has not undergone a lie detector test yet, which could be sufficient evidence in the case.

Wilson explains that despite Justin Bieber‘s statement this morning on live television that he does not know Mariah Yeater and claims to have never met her, her attorneys will still pursue the case against him. Her attorney stated earlier that “in the relevant time period, she wasn’t having sex with anyone else. That’s how we know Justin Bieber is, in fact, the father of the baby.” And it is indeed this Yeater has to prove in court with DNA for a judge to even bother with the case in court.

Millions of teenage girls don’t believe that Justin Bieber is the father of Yeater’s child. Do you?

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