Attorney Sent to Jail for Not Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

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A Mississippi Judge asked everyone in his courtroom to stand and recite the pledge. One lawyer, who fights for free speech, refused and was sent to jail.

“Attorney Danny Lampley spent about five hours behind bars Wednesday before Judge Talmadge Littlejohn set him free so that the lawyer could work on another case. Lampley told The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal he respected the judge but wasn’t going to back down,” according to Yahoo News.

While children don’t have to say the pledge, what about attorneys who make good money in our capitalistic society? Lampley who is 49-years-old, has done this before, but this time he went to jail for his beliefs even if it were only for a few hours. Some people don’t appreciate Lampley’s silence when everyone else recites the pledge.

What’s your view on it? Is he being disloyal to his country and disrespectful to the judge, or is he fighting for a bigger ideal? If he is fighting for a bigger ideal, what is it, and what does it benefit anyone?

The point of people such as Lampley is that they believe in freedom of speech, but what they are really after is the destruction of our way of life, and they use our principles against us. What do you think? 

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