‘Auction Hunters’ Recap ‘Drumming Up Cash’ on Spike TV

“Auction Hunters” finds Ton Jones and Allen Haff in Glendale, California in this episode. As they hunt through abandoned storage units, the fans are amazed at some of the finds they gather and how they make money.

As they look around the crowd, they see the Blatan brothers who they have met before and have deep pockets. The Blatan bros. love tools and auto parts, so Ton and Allen hope to slip under their radar. Blatan won the first locker and the next ones are junk that very few are interested in. As the crowd disperses, even the Blatan bros. leave; giving Allen and Ton a better chance.

The last unit has a lot of trunks and musical stuff and now they find that Mad Dog has arrived; another notorious bidder who scares away many bidders. As the stare down begins with Mad Dog and Ton, the bid goes up to $650 and Ton wins the bid.

A contractor’s unit that they paid $400 for proves loaded with tools and a padded case containing pyrotechnic control board from a Motley Crue concert, a giant carnival sledgehammer and the tall board with numbers for smacking the bottom and ringing the bell to impress everyone with strength using the sledgehammer. So they set it up and Allen could not even reach halfway, but when Ton tried it, he rang the bell the first time.

Next locker contained a drum set with a huge cymbal. They went right to a music store that recognized it as Slingerland, but it was mismatched and only worth about $300, when they saw the cymbal; it was another story. The cymbal was marked Zildjian from Istanbul, the oldest company still in business today that started in 1632. The cymbal was worth about $2,000 alone. Then they went to a pyrotechnics expert who tried out the unit using fireworks; the display was amazing.

After a fun day in Glendale, they paid $1,150 for two units and sold the findings for $8,305, giving them a profitable day of $7,155, on “Auction Hunters.”

Photo of Turkish cymbals: Wikimedia

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