Audrie Pott Update: Will Rapists Be Tried as Adults?

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The loved ones of Audrie Pott want her rapists to be tried as adults, which is completely understandable given the circumstances of this case. Like Rehtaeh Parsons, Pott was a young and naive teen who wound up in a situation that rendered her vulnerable to sexual attack. She was gang raped by at least three teenage boys, who photographed the incident, while intoxicated. She hanged herself not long after that party, devastated that her “friends” would do such a thing to her—and then to turn around and exploit the situation with photographic evidence!

The parents of the now-dead teenager want justice, and rightfully so. Much like the loved ones of Rehtaeh Parsons, the girl’s loved ones have spoken out recently with their demands. Pott’s family wants her alleged rapists to be tried as adults in criminal court. Do you think they should be tried as adults? The boys are presumably close in age to the girl who was 15 years old, meaning this could very well destroy their lives permanently. Is that justice for Audrie Pott’s suicide?

Some reports have tried to draw connections between the Pott case and the suicide of Rehtaeh Parson, claiming that the Pott case inspired the RCMP to reopen their investigation into the alleged gang rape that occurred. It should be noted that this is not correct. The hacktivist group Anonymous gathered quite the impressive file containing the identities of the alleged rapists, including what could be taken as a public confession made by one of the boys. They turned this information to the police in Nova Scotia. It’s not 100% confirmed that Anonymous helped with the reopening of this investigation, but RCMP officials have announced that they have credible information from a verifiable source—from someone who is providing the information and willing to work with police as part of the investigation. Could it be someone directly involved with what happened?

Audrie Pott is Rehtaeh Parsons is Amanda Todd is You

Rape culture victimizes women of every culture, and it’s become more and more apparent in recent years that young girls are increasingly being victimized. This month the news is abuzz about Parsons and Pott, but before it was Amanda Todd. And for every young girl in the news surrounded by these awful incidents, there are several more who have never spoken out, who have no voice.

Perhaps it’s important to listen to the loved ones of these victimized young girls—when they call for punishment, stricter laws, attention to their plight. These teenage boys have long lives ahead of them, but their victims do not. These boys will likely move on and meet new girlfriends, eventually marry them and have children. These important milestones in life will never be experienced by the young girls who were taken advantage of later to be humiliated and ridiculed to death.

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