Audrina Partridge Wears Bikini Beside Mom

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Audrina Partridge looks great in a bikini, but her mom looks awesome standing beside her in a recent photo shoot. The pair looks like sisters and not mother and daughter. The former star of “Hills” is Partridge’s mother. Wow, they look like bathing beauties.

Audrina Partridge is a former star of “Dancing with the Stars, and if she looks like her mom in twenty years, she has a lot of which to be proud. Partridge and her mom got together in Santa Monica for a photo shoot. The two enjoyed a picnic lunch and photos together.

People say to look at a girl’s mom if you want to know what she will look like later in life. Well if, Audrina looks like her mom, she will not have any problems. Not many women can get away with wearing a bathing suit, but these two donned bikinis, and they both have physically awesome bodies. It must be nice to share good genes like they do. 


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