Aurora Shooting Victim Has Miracle Baby

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In the wake of last week’s devastation at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, new hope springs alive. One of the shooting victims, Katie Medley, has given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Katie was one of the shooting victims who managed to escape the theater unhurt. It was a lucky day for the pregnant mom, but not for her child’s father. Sadly, Katie’s husband, Caleb, got shot in the head. While he’s alive, he’s being kept in a medically induced coma.

Unfortunately, that means Caleb Medley missed out on one of the most important days of his life as baby Hugo made his entrance into the world. However, mom is giving their son enough love for both parents until dad can take over his part.

Hugo’s uncle, Seth Medley, calls his nephew’s birth, “a silver lining in a very dark cloud.” Meanwhile, he keeps hope that his brother will eventually recover. He told reporters Tuesday, “his (Caleb’s) injuries are pretty serious” and remarked that his brother sustained damage around the facial area. However, he also noted, “he had some motion in his hands todays”. Seth is clearly holding out hope that it means his brother is on the way back to his family.

Millions of Americans echo those sentiments as they offer thoughts, prayers and money in support of the Aurora shooting victims. Those wishing to give money to help cover Caleb’s medical bills, can do so at

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