Aussie PM says Julian performed illegal acts, then is bitchslapped by the shadow attorney general.

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“Julia Gillard has also stated that Mr Assange acted illegally in publishing the cables.

Mr Assange’s British solicitor, Mark Stephens, told The Australian that his legal team were examining the Prime Minister’s comments and considering a defamation action against her.

Ms Gillard yesterday refused to specify what laws Mr Assange might have broken. “The foundation stone of it is an illegal act,” Ms Gillard said.

“Information was taken and that was illegal, so let’s not try and put any glosses on this.”

The comments drew fire from the opposition, with shadow attorney-general George Brandis describing the remarks as “clumsy”.

“As far as I can see he (Mr Assange) hasn’t broken any Australian law,” Senator Brandis told Sky News.

“Nor does it appear he has broken any American laws.”

What this means, is that this embarassment to Australia is ignoring her legal counsel (which can’t have come to any other conclusion than Julian has done nothing illegal) is following a line fed to her by her handlers (the people that put her into power when they overthrew Kevin Rudd earlier this year).



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