Austin Bice : San Diego State Student’s Body Discovered in Spain’s Manzanares River

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Austin Bice’s body has been found in Spain’s Manzanares River. Austin was a 22-year-old exchange student from San Diego State University. Bice’s disappearance on February 26 prompted a huge search for him but nothing was discovered until Tuesday.

Sadly, there’s little known as to what happened or how it happened. Austin’s family is now awaiting an autopsy but there hasn’t been a date released about whether or not the autopsy will be made public. At this point, family and friends can only imagine what horrific set of events ended with Bice’s body in the river.

Austin was last seen after a night of partying with his friends. Bice had taken to blog about his experiences in Spain throughout the course of his arrival and had stated that he warned not to be a “typical loud and drunk American” by his advisors. He stated he hadn’t been though did discuss going to parties.

Apparently on February 26, Austin was last seen outside a nightclub after having drinks at a friend’s apartment. The club’s security guard felt Bice should rest momentarily outside first. The young senior then decided not to enter the club and instead said he’d walk home. The Manzanares River was located near the night club he left.

Naturally, there are speculations that Austin Bice may have been too inebriated and fallen into the river. There’s also the possibility he was robbed. However, there will not be any definite answers until the autopsy is completed.

It’s a truly tragic turn of events. Austin was so young and filled with hope. The world was literally his oyster and his future was filled with endless possibilities. Unfortunately, his parents will have to plan his funeral and not his graduation party. Hopefully, they will soon get the answers they desperately need about what happened the night he disappeared.

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